About Us.

OHM was founded by Henry Motsemme and was later on joined by Mfanafuthi Ngwenya. On realising that the advent of democracy would bring with it huge opportunities to previously disadvantaged individuals. It was clear that with the government pushing for more participation of the HDIs in the mainstream economy, there was bound to be dearth of experience in business administration and advice on this front was paramount. SMMEs are becoming the order of the day and we have seen that the success of these very important pillars of our economy depends largely on knowledge and because of the historical imbalances of the past as far as education is concerned, it became necessary for OHM to come about.


  • Represents a worthy economic cause

  • Aims to provide a network of influential stakeholders

  • Identifies talent in previously disadvantaged groups

  • Creates and maintains professional and focused working relationships with all our clients

  • Provides legal interventions and advice


To provide professional business and legal solutions to our clients, while promoting job creation and the development of the small and medium business sector. OHM further aims at empowering the disadvantaged communities by bringing the services to their proximity. To achieve this objective we have instead of going to the city to establish offices, decided to hire office premises in the CBD, which makes us easier to access. Many of our bright young entrepreneurs fail in their business endeavour due to simple lack of basic knowledge of systems and available information. We aim to simplify the knowledge of legal and basic accounting and business principles


To be the leading financial and legal advisory services company in the SMME sector within the next five years. To promote capacity building for sustainable businesses in the SMME sector which is the backbone of any economy? We aim also to provide in-service training for our clients

Primary Market

Our primary business market consists ordinary citizens and the many entrepreneurs (SMME) and ordinary individuals in our community who do not have access to professional business and legal advisory services, due to lack of access, finance and information. Sustainability of businesses will be maintained through continuous professional development and training

Secondary Market

As part of our commitment to community development, training and education on business management, basic accounting, legal advice and marketing. Workshops and motivational talks on a variety of issues will be provided to empower the people.

OHM Management Structure

The Pty ltd has 2 shareholders who are all African and Black as defined in the BEE Charter. All the shareholders are involved in the management of the entity. Amongst them they bring in a vast array of skills acquired from various disciplines. They all hold different tertiary qualifications which put OHM at an advantageous position when compared to some of its competitors. We also have a vast array of qualified professionals who have standing agreements with us to provide specific services as and when needed by clients.


H. Motsemme

Mfanafuthi Ngwenya